Friday, May 23, 2008


Nada mejor que el fin... y una chela... y una rolita triste del soundtrack personal... para ser feliz...

I'm going to the darklands
to talk in rhyme
con mi caótica alma
as sure as life means nothing
and all ends in nothing
and heaven i think
is too close to hell

i want to move i want to go-oo-ooo
i want to go-oo-ooo

oh something won't let me
go to the place
where the darklands are
y despierto de sueños
to the scary world of screams
and heaven i think
is too close to hell

me quiero mover me quiero ir
i want to go-o-oo

take me to the dark
oh god I get down on my knees
and i feel like i could die
by the river of disease
and i feel that i'm dying
me muero
i'm down on my knees
oh i'm down

me quiero ir me quiero quedar
me quiero quedar...
(a esperar un tulipán que flote en el mar...)